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    1) Do I need to pay to make my registration and use the FREE level version?
      The FREE level version is free.
    2) How can I do my register?
      Fill out the form on the "Register" tab with your name, email, country and password.
    3) I forgot my password, what should I do?
      1. Request a password change through the "I forgot my password" link.
      2. Enter your registered email address.
      3. Click on the "password change link" sent to your email address.
      4. Enter your new password and confirm.

      Remember that we will never send your password because the write to our database is an hash code and never the password as you entered it.
    4) I forgot the email address I registered, what should I do?
      You can register another email address. Accounts not accessed for more than 12 months are automatically deleted from the database of
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    1) How can I do my subscription?
      In the "Price" tab, choose the option "Subscribe now" and follow the indicated steps until the payment in PayPal.
    2) What is the validity time of my subscription?
      Your subscription will be valid for 1 year from the date of your hiring.
    3) Can I have more than one subscription?
      Yes, as long as each subscription has a unique email address.
      Each subscription will be associated with a single email address.
    4) How can I access my account?
      You can access your account from any device with internet access, preferably using the Google Chrome browser.
    5) Can I access my account simultaneously from different browsers / devices?
      No. Each account allows only one session at a time.
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    1) When can I renew my subscription?
      The renewal of your subscription will be available 90 days before the expiration date thereof.
    2) How can I renew my subscription?
      When the "Renew" link is available, access it and follow the steps requested by PayPal.
    3) My subscription has expired and I have not completed the renewal, what should I do?
      You will need to make a new subscription.
    4) What happens if I do not renew my subscription until the expiration date?
      Your account will automatically switch to the FREE level version.
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    1) Does have a support service?
      No. The applications of are self-explanatory to the public for which they are intended.
    2) I would like to comment on the applications of, is there a communication channel?
      The comment should be made through the "Contact" tab. All messages will be read and considered for future application enhancements.
    3) Will the message sent through the "Contact" tab be answered?
      The message sent through the "Contact" tab will not be answered direct to the user who sent it. It will be considered for future improvements in applications.
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